Omakissa ja Hanki kissa -palveluiden yhteistoiminnot

Tips and notes:

  • The interface between Omakissa and Hankikissa website relies on various functions and checks of Omakissa, such as the validity of the cat owner’s memberships, the kitten’s age, etc. All of these also affect the data transferable through the interface.
  • When a kitten is under 10 months old, it should be listed for sale through the Omakissa Breeder tab.
  • When a kitten turns 10 months old, it can be listed for sale through the Omakissa Cats tab.
  • In the case of a foster cat litter, it is advisable to list the litter for sale before transferring ownership of the mother cat – it is important to note that the new owner’s memberships must be in order.
  • In foster cat cases, the notification must be made BEFORE transferring the mother to the new owner so that it appears in the system.

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